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Full Name: Bin Roye 2015 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay
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Genres: Drama, Romance
Release Date: 18 July 2015
Language: Urdu
Cast: Adeel Husain, Armeena Rana Khan, Zeba Bakhtiar

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Bin Roye 2015 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay.A young lady is clashed when she begins to look all starry eyed at a man who courts her friend.The story begins off on a note where Saba (Mahira Khan), our giddy, loaded with life and sad sentimental champion is frantically enamored with her first cousin Irtiza (Humayun Saeed). Irtiza has lost his folks and lives with his fatherly uncle and auntie; Shafiq (Javed Sheik) and Maliha (Zeba Bakhtiyar), who are likewise Saba's folks, in this way both Saba and Irtiza share an exceptionally solid and real relationship since they have dependably been best of companions with one another privilege from their youth days. For Saba, her life spins around Irtiza on the grounds that he is the main man she has been infatuated with, he is the main man she depends on inwardly, he is the main individual she supposes she comprehends the most, yet tragically she has never gotten a trace of that sort from him ever. For Saba, it has dependably been a done arrangement that Irtiza has a place with her; thusly she never can anticipate that things can likewise conflict with her creative ability and plans ever.Irtiza chooses to go to the US for a long time and there comes the character of Saman (Armeena Khan) in the image. Saman happens to be little girl of Shafiq and Maliha yet Maliha herself gives away her girl to her sibling and sister in law directly after she is conceived. Numerous multiple times, she frequently considers requesting that her sibling send Saman back to her, however Shafiq dependably helps her to remember the guarantee she settled on and the choice she took herself. Shafiq understands that his better half misses their little girl, yet he wouldn't like to put any weight on Saman's new parents since he knows this will uneasiness their entire family particularly Saman.Saba just permits Irtiza to leave for a long time and that is the point at which her adoration for him becomes significantly more grounded in light of the fact that the possibility of her marriage with Irtiza keeps her inspired. They remain in contact all through and that is when Saba wants to shape herself into somebody Irtiza will acknowledge much more. Irtiza goes over Saman and that is the point at which he feels pulled in to her. Despite the fact that Saba and Saman happen to be sisters, they are shafts separated in all things, beginning from their inclinations, to their characters, to their identities, to their styling and even their qualitys and I should laud the beautician for giving a consideration to detail the extent that their styling was concerned on the grounds that the way both the young ladies spruced up delineated their experiences flawlessly.