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Full Name: Jalaibee 2015 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay
Size: 939 MB
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Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
Release Date: 20 March 2015
Language: Urdu
Cast: Ali Safina, Danish Taimoor, Wiqar Ali Khan

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Jalaibee 2015 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay.Jalaibee is a Tale of two companions Billu and Bugga who get tangled up in an obligation with the neighborhood mafia called The Unit. As they search for approaches to pay the obligation before The Unit comes to gather, they discover they're in more profound waters than they thought. In the meantime another man Ali, alongside his accomplice Jimmy, needs exact retribution and has the expectations to capture and kill the Mafia master Known as The King. The King's front man Dara is gotten between gathering the obligation and taking care of the grabbing while at the same time holding apprehension and power over the city.Two storylines run parallel in the film, and how they get interweaved is the thing that makes the film tangled like a jalaibee. Two youthful children get away from the shelter and take to wrongdoing to make due in the harsh world. Danish Taimoor assumes the job of Billu, the ruling and controlling accomplice of the pair, and Ali Safina, the generally gentler and clashed Bugga. The motion picture starts with the two getting away in a vehicle in the wake of submitting a burglary for the benefit of the mafia Don, yet the vehicle bursts into flames and the cash is lost. Whatever remains of the motion picture is about the couple attempting to collect the cash through more wrongdoing, so as to pay back the Don. In any case, there is a parallel tale around two siblings, Wiqar Ali Khan as Ali, and Uzair Jaswal as his more youthful sibling Jimmy, who have guaranteed their mom that they will retaliate for the executing of their dad by the Don. Sajid Hassan's depiction of the smooth however detestable Don turned government official, is splendid, while Adnan Jaffar, as the Don's fixer, has a forbiddingly dismal nearness.